Jarone Ashkenazi: How to Reshape Your Health

Jarone Ashkenazi is an Assistant Project Manager who has been employed by Equinox Fitness Clubs since 2016. He is a motivated graduate of the University of Southern California and, in 2014, he completely reshaped his health.

For Jarone Ashkenazi, reshaping his health meant going vegan. For others, it means something completely different. Whatever it means for you, tips like those below can help you reshape your health, too:

  • Diet

Eliminate junk foods and fill your diet with leafy greens, fresh fruits and other lean, whole foods. Don’t forget to drink enough water!

  • Exercise

Find an activity, like tennis or hiking, that you enjoy and then do it regularly. If you love your workouts, and they don’t feel like boring exercise, you’re more likely to stick with the routine.

  • Life

Live an active and positive life that supports your new eating and exercise habits. If possible, share your life with fit friends to keep you motivated.

If you want to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself, take a page from Jarone Ashkenazi and change your habits today. Eating, exercising and living differently can completely reshape your life.

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Jarone Ashkenazi: What Can I Eat as a Vegan?

Jarone Ashkenazi, an Assistant Project Manager with Equinox Fitness Clubs, is an active sports enthusiast who became vegan in 2014. Today, he’s a healthy professional whose mental and physical well-being are helping him further his career.

If you’re considering becoming vegan, like Jarone Ashkenazi, but you’re concerned about your dietary choices, think again! Below are just some of many options on a vegan diet:

  • Homemade Foods

All fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds are on the menu for homemade foods. From soups and stews to veggie burgers, stir fries, burritos and salads, you have thousands of options. Buy a vegan cookbook and try as many recipes as you can.

  • Restaurant Foods

Most restaurants have some vegan options, even if they don’t list them as such. Salads are typically safest, and you can ask for no meat if all menu items come with a meat option. There’s no need to miss out on dinner with friends!

Speak with a vegan who has years of experience with the diet, like Jarone Ashkenazi, for more insights on food choices. If you don’t know anyone who’s vegan, sign up with a local vegan group.

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Jarone Ashkenazi: Boost Bar and Grill Sales

Jarone Ashkenazi is a from Los Angeles and previously worked as a Project Manager/Restaurant Administrator for Au Fudge in West Hollywood. While at this role, he earned a positive reputation in just three months from colleagues, owners and other staff.

Though he now works with Equinox Fitness Clubs, Jarone Ashkenazi is passionate about bars and restaurants in the Los Angeles area. Working with someone similar could help you boost your bar and grill sales with strategies like those touched on below:

  • Stay Stocked

You don’t want a reputation for running out of beverages and food options. Keep track of what sells best, and when it sells. Use the information you gather to stay stocked so you never need to ask a customer to order something else.

  • Create a Signature Theme

A bar with a signature theme can better compete with generic establishments. Assess your demographic and what your customers enjoy, and then plan accordingly. For example, if your customers gravitate toward wines and top-shelf whiskeys, consider creating an atmosphere and inventory that accounts for this.

Working with someone like Jarone Ashkenazi can give you the insights you need to boost your sales. Often, changes must be made based on local competition and other trends.

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Jarone Ashkenazi: Avoid New Restaurant Mistakes

Jarone Ashkenazi is a native to Los Angeles with years of experience and a positive reputation in the restaurant industry.

Among the many things that a businessperson like Jarone Ashkenazi helps restaurant operators with is avoiding mistakes. Points like those below are just an example of the valuable advice you might receive from such an advisor:

  • Don’t Get Sidetracked

Restaurant owners wear many hats. This can pull you away from your primary focus on the food and customers, causing quality to drop. Make a to-do list and handle random tasks at a set time each day or week, and devote the rest of your free time to the quality of food and service at your establishment.

  • Don’t Cater to Everyone

Decide what your restaurant does and stick with it. If you cater to everyone, your menu and theme might seem convoluted to customers. Stick to your guns and don’t change what your restaurant is at the first signs of failure.

If you don’t have anyone like Jarone Ashkenazi helping you grow your restaurant, it might be time to find someone.

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Jarone Ashkenazi: Three Keys to Restaurant Success

Jarone Ashkenazi is a freelance writer in Los Angeles who is passionate about the restaurant industry. He enjoys trying new restaurants around town and has a positive reputation among those with whom he has worked.

If you’re opening a restaurant, or trying to get yours off the ground, the three keys touched on below are just an example of advice that you might receive from someone like Jarone Ashkenazi:

  • Chef

Find a great chef before opening your restaurant. You want a professional whom you trust to design the foods that will fill your tables. Your chef should fit the concept of your restaurant.

  • Location

Don’t plan on creating a location around your restaurant. Pick a location that’s popular and more people will come.

  • Concept

Find a concept that caters to your demographic. You want your restaurant to be known for something, and by building around a concept, you determine what that something is.

If you don’t know of anyone like Jarone Ashkenazi to turn to for advice, attend seminars or otherwise locate an expert to help you succeed.

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